This is the smallest and most advanced machine of all our coil forming solutions. We have a special bond with CF1000 coil form machine as it opened a new world to us. Everything started when we build this model for our needs. Then we built another one for a customer. Then another one and another one. While we get more request for different solutions from our customers thanks to success of CF1000, Fenixta Machinery was born.

CF1000 Coil Form Machine

CF1000 Coil form machine is designed to form coils in various shapes and sizes. There are two coil head holders and four coil leg holders to support and form coil precisely. Unlike most coil form machines on the market, CF1000 is servo driven. Therefore, it is fast, quite and accurate. It has unique vertical design, so it requires less space at your facility and improves safety.

CF1000 Main features

Coil Form Machine Diagram

CF1000 Technical data