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Who are we?

The Fenixta of today is inspiring result of the long history of two remarkable companies. Discover our story!

What We Do?

Are you looking for a partner that understands technology like no other and has a passion for high-quality engineering? Look no further than Fenixta!

Stronger together

Nice to meet you! We are a Turkish family business: Kanallar started out as a machine manufacturer and motor repair company in 2009. Fuat Kanal and his sons Tunç and Çağdaş put their heart and soul into running and expanding the company. Coil Partners collaborated with Kanallar for many years, employing their extensive technical expertise, relying on their passion for engineering, and purchasing newly developed machines.


On 24 October 2018, Kanallar and Coil Partners decide to establish a joint venture partnership, which they call Fenixta, referring to the mythical Phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes to begin life anew.

This name broadcasts clearly what Fenixta aims to achieve: giving new life to existing technological installations, developing new designs for coils and machines, and manufacturing those designs. Fenixta will also act as the Coil Partners engineering department to allow innovative markets to enjoy our dedication and successes as well.

Our creative mindset and particular engineering expertise have made Fenixta partner to many global enterprises that did not hesitate to opt for high quality at fair prices.


Developing and maintaining high-level technological machines and equipment requires a reliable partner. A partner that can repair and improve existing infrastructures and can manufacture and commission new machines specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Fenixta is that ideal partner. Fenixta offers its customers a comprehensive package: we provide all products and services a company needs to keep its machine pool and engineering installations completely up-to-date.