L2500 Loop Machine

Loop Machines

It all begins here… This machine starts with a copper reel and forms it into a coil. Options to customize your machine:
-Different sizes of drum stands for copper spools
-Adjustable maximum coil length

Coil Form Machines

Do you dream about the great power of hydraulic pistons or about the lightning speed of servo motors? This is your wake-up call: the servo-controlled Fenixta CF1000!
-The fastest and most accurate machine on the market
-Unique vertical design so you win lots of space
-Easy and safe to place and remove coils
CF1000 Coil Form Machine
CS1600 Uç Sıyırma Makinası

Coil Stripper

As a coil lover, you know all about the process of stripping enamel layers on flat copper… it is a time consuming job! Luckily we’ve found a solution to that:
- No more sandpaper or brush to endlessly repeat the stripping
- All surfaces get stripped in just one process
- You gain time and energy

Coil Head Cutter

Do burned coils remain a serious concern to you? No need to, thanks to this machine:
-Easy, clean and safe removal
-Grippers on the turn table to secure the motor from stator
-Safety glass over the cutting wheel
CC1000 Coil Cutter
Bp3000 Taping Platform

Taping Platform

The Fenixta taping platforms are well-considered and made to facilitate the job:
- Available in different sizes
- Equipped with a pressured air system
- Pneumatic taping heads are weightlessly suspended

Taping Head

Looking for a user-friendly taping insulation system? Here it is… the Fenixta TH2050 taping head:
- No preparation or setup time
- Powered drive rollers for precise taping
- Weight balancer to help the operator on the job
- Easily adjustable tape overlap and tension settings