Wire Stripper Length Cutter

WSLC4000 is an fully automatic machine, which strips and cuts copper bars in desired lengths. It is the first step of an automated production line for flat copper bars for DC motors. It is very easy to operate and produces consistent results. Stripping unit can be operated with sandpaper or wire brushes. After, copper wire cut at set length by pneumatic cutter.

Flat Edge Bender

Flat edge bender machine is designed to produce edge wound coils. It is an automatic machine which can form flat copper with 60 mm width and 6 mm thickness. You can store all coil dimensions and turn points data to 15" interface.
Flat Edge Bending Machine
CS1600 Uç Sıyırma Makinası

Coil Stripper

Getting rid of enamel layers on flat copper is easy yet time consuming job. General approach is stripping 2 surfaces vertically or horizontally with sandpaper or brush and repeating the process for other 2 surfaces. We also have found a solution for that. You just need to set the distance of stripped area and all surfaces are stripped with one process. Do you want to know more? Just click the button below!

Taping Platform

Fenixta taping platforms are available in different sizes. Platforms are equipped with pressured air system to enable pneumatic taping heads to be weightlessly suspended for ease of operation. We are more than glad to announce that Fenixta different sizes of taping heads will be available soon.