AL1100 Loop Machine

Loop Machines

Another perfect solution by Fenixta for AC motor winding and transformer winding! Basically just enter turn, slot, speed and wire tichness data via HMI touch screen, and you are ready to go.

Insulation Paper Creasing Machine

Portable, compact and easy to operate insulation paper creasing machine by Fenixta! Adjustable creasing speed and creasing point width makes it super easy to operate. That's also why it doesn't require any training. Just read the manual and follow instructions.

Wire Stripper Length Cutter

WSLC4000 is an fully automatic machine, which strips and cuts copper bars in desired lengths. It is the first step of an automated production line for flat copper bars for DC motors. It is very easy to operate and produces consistent results. Stripping unit can be operated with sandpaper or wire brushes. After, copper wire cut at set length by pneumatic cutter.

Coil Head Cutter

Fast, efficient and safe way of stator coil cut off! Self centering turntable, electric motor driven height adjustment with joystick, swing arm and safety guard are some of the features of our solution. Thanks to these features you can cut off stator coils without damaging laminations.
CC1000 Coil Cutter